DERMOFUTURE Active collagen Serum in gel -

DERMOFUTURE Active collagen Serum in gel

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Collagen is called the protein of youth because it is primarily responsible for delaying the effects of skin aging. Active collagen in the gel allows you to fill in collagen deficiencies in the cells, making it elastic and increases the density of the skin. It affects hydration, smoothing and improvement of skin condition.

It reduces the visibility of even very pronounced wrinkles, prevents sagging skin, improving its elasticity and tension. Clearly rejuvenates and soothes facial features and improves the face oval. It makes the skin firm and supple and retains its youthful appearance for longer. 

How to use: As a smoothing, elasticizing and skin tightening treatment, apply once a day to the entire face and neck once a night for about 30 days. 

Action: increases the density and elasticity of the skin, smoothes and tightens, improves the face oval, reduces mimic wrinkles.

20 ml