Revox Japanese Ritual Tonic - Moisturizing Essence 120 ml

Revox Japanese Ritual Tonic - Moisturizing Essence 120 ml

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  • Directions: Spray the toner directly onto the face and neck or wet the cotton pad and wipe the face and neck with it
  • Leave to absorb or gently pat
  • Use after every face wash or to refresh and hydrate during the day

Turn your daily skin care routine into a relaxing beauty ritual. ?he line inspired by Japanese tradition and the secret of a young look. It envelops with the aroma of the country of cherry blossoms and picturesque rice fields. Adapted to the needs of your skin, according to its natural daily rhythm. Created to ensure an optimal level of moisture and slow down the skin aging.

The light tonic has been enriched with highly concentrated nutritional essences. A delicate mist moisturizes dry and tired skin, restoring its natural balance and glow. Absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling. The formula is rich in soothing Japanese Cherry Blossom, considered by Japanese women as a source of youth and freshness. Pomegranate extract stimulates and regulates sebum production. Hyaluronic Acid protects against water loss, while Rice Milk improves skin elasticity.