Revox Skin Therapy Oil 75 ml

Revox Skin Therapy Oil 75 ml

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  • Directions: Apply a sufficient amount on the affected areas morning and/or evening
  • Massage gently until fully absorbed avoiding direct contact with the eyes
  • External use only

A special treatment formulated to help reduce the appearance of:
STRETCH MARKS:Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight loss.
SCARS: Helps improve the condition of skin with scars.
DEHYDRATED & AGING SKIN:Improves the appearance of sagging and wrinkled skin by aiding the skin's elasticity. Shows water repellent properties. Helps protect against the drying effect of wind and water.
BLEMISHES: Reduces the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation marks.
REVOX B77 SKIN THERAPY OIL:is enriched with Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, Bisabolol, and the innovative OleoSoft-4 Complex which is proven to increase skin elasticity, moisturize and to act effectively against stretch marks. With its light, rapidly absorbing formula, it leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished while not greasy.