REVUELE AEVIT Multivitamin Weather-Barrier Baby Cream -

REVUELE AEVIT Multivitamin Weather-Barrier Baby Cream

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AEVIT Multivitamin Weather-Barrier Baby Cream

Hypersensitive children's skin is highly affected by adverse weather conditions. Frost, snow, wind and rain have a negative effect on the delicate baby skin by drying and frostbiting it. In autumn and winter, the baby's skin needs specialized extra care focused on hypoallergenic nourishment and enhanced recovery.

 AEVIT Daily weather-barrier Baby Cream is designed to strengthen protective skin barrier of kids aged 3 and older during the cold season. The product contains optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and vegetable fatty components that provide protection from aggressive environmental factors, reinforce lipid mantle of the skin and effectively resist cold temperatures. The complex of vitamins A, E, B2 and T promotes regulation of skin immunity, renews cells, reinforces vascular walls, soothes and softens the skin. Milk protein and D-Panthenol in the Cream prevent dehydration, restore damaged areas of the epidermis and have anti-inflammatory effect. Gentle organic Shea butter with high content of nutrients eliminates skin dryness and cracking. Iodine improves blood circulation, tones the skin and normalizes metabolism. Natural avocado extract provides a pronounced wound-healing effect. Cotton seed oil softens and soothes the skin, relieves irritation.


The rich texture of this nourishing product creates a thin film on the surface of sensitive baby skin, leaves no oily residue. The Cream is suitable even for care of irritated and scaly skin, absorbs quickly and moisturizes during 24 hours.

 Silicones, Colorants, Parabens Free.