REVUELE Argan Oil Day Cream

REVUELE Argan Oil Day Cream

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Argon Oil Day Cream

Moisturizing cream enriched with argan oil is specially designed for withering, dull, tired skin with marked redness and peeling.  The cream of intense nourishment returns moistening to the skin, protects against free radicals.

This highly concentrated product containing natural Argan oil boosts up immunity, produces a relaxation aromatherapy effect, soothes and nourishes the skin from the inside during the whole day. The oil helps effectively soothens the skin, preserve natural hydrolipidic layer and refreshes the complexion.

Light texture lets it be evenly distributed over the skin, the cream is perfectly absorbed, filling micro-cracks, leaving no oily sheen or sticky film, it is ideal for use as a makeup foundation. The delicate texture forms a protective layer that retains moisture without letting it evaporate. The plant extracts included into the cream formula improve the skin texture, make it even, smooth and silky. The product has a subtle pleasant aroma and is intended for use in the daytime.