DERMOFUTURE Repair therapy Serum with Vitamin C -

DERMOFUTURE Repair therapy Serum with Vitamin C

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Intensively regenerating treatment with vitamin C with the highest, as much as 30% ascorbic acid concentration. In addition, it was enriched with arbutin, hyaluronic acid, bitter orange extract and green tea extract. Vitamin C exhibits antioxidant activity, fights free radicals, supports protection against UV radiation, stimulates collagen synthesis, brightens, improves the condition of acne skin, strengthens blood vessels, improves skin hydration. Bitter orange extract has antioxidant properties, activates skin regeneration and renewal processes, nourishes, moisturizes, increases skin elasticity and firmness, gently astringents, reducing pores and brightening the skin tone. Arbutin has a depigmenting effect, consisting in regulating the production of skin pigment - melanin, and also its even distribution in the epidermis. It already removes sun and acne discolouration and age spots. Hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the degree of hydration, improves skin condition and protects it from drying. 

How to use: Apply a few drops in the evening to cleansed face, gently massaging. 

Action:  brightens discolourations? regenerates and nourishes the skin, slows down the ageing process, protects against free radicals