Dermofuture Sonic Brush

Dermofuture Sonic Brush

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The Dermofuture sonic brush cleans the skin of impurities and makeup residues 10 times more effectively than traditional methods of washing the face. Provides a gentle massage thanks to which the blood vessels are strengthened and the pores are unblocked. Soft-to-touch insets are perfect for particularly sensitive skin. It is waterproof and hygienic. You only need 1 minute every morning and evening to keep your skin clean and refreshed. We recommend it to be used together with the Dermofuture Ultra Soothing cleansing gel.

Cleansing - how to use:
1.Remove makeup
2.Apply the cleansing product to the brush or to damp skin

3.Press the middle button to start the device
4.use + and - buttons to set the intensity appropriate for you

5.After 60 seconds, wash the device with soap and water

• removes dead epidermis and excess sebum
• unblocks and cleanses pores
• firms the skin through a gentle pulse massage
• 100% waterproof and hygienic