REVUELE Hair Serum with Lamination Effect -

REVUELE Hair Serum with Lamination Effect

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REVUELE Hair Serum with Lamination Effect smoothing

The Serum is elaborated for stiff, curly and unruly hair. Rice proteins saturate hair with useful microelements, moisturize hair, give elasticity, provide a deep nourishing action and prevent the formation of split ends. Active protein molecules have an antistatic effect, prevent hair entangling, facilitating combing and styling even for hard and unruly hair. Flax oil forms a protective film, which protects hair from the effects of wind and temperature changes, reducing the damage during styling. Through its action the hair becomes smooth and gains luster. Horse Keratin strengthens and restores the inner structure of the hair, smoothes it, gives elasticity and firmness.

How to use: Apply on clean towel-dried hair by spraying from a distance of 15-20 cm. Do not rinse