REVUELE Hemp me! Hand cream -

REVUELE Hemp me! Hand cream

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Hemp me! Hand cream

Using Hemp seed oil, which is high in omega acids, and natural nourishing ingredients including Olive oil, Panthenol and Urea, this cream treats dry, sensitive and thirsty hands and nails.

The light cream texture is quickly absorbed, moisturizing the skin and maintaining the natural moisture level, does not leave the feeling of greasy and wet hands. It restores the natural oil balance of the hands, stripped by using detergents, providing smoothness and softness.

Daily use cream normalizes the pH-balance, has a regenerative effect, the skin becomes soft and elastic, the feeling of dryness and discomfort disappears.

Application: Massage on to the hands and cuticles. For maximum effect, it is recommended to apply the cream overnight and wear a cotton glove.

Volume: 80ml