REVUELE Chocolate Body Wrap -

REVUELE Chocolate Body Wrap

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Chocolate Body Wrap 300 ml, 12pcs

Salon treatment for figure correction performed in your home. This chocolate wrap stimulates fat splitting, has a drainage effect and saturates your skin cells with all needed vitamins and microelements. It helps fight stretch marks and skin surface relief and evens out your silhouette. At the same time this treatment has anti-stress activity delivered by the pleasant natural chocolate fragrance. Your skin becomes smooth, soft and moisturized.

Application: apply a generous amount of the product and spread evenly all over your body. We recommend that you wrap your body in the stretch wrap for 20-30 minutes to enhance the effect. Rinse off the rest of the product with warm water after application. We recommend that you perform wrap treatments 2-3 times per week during 1.5 months to maintain the effect.