REVUELE  Hair Mask "Color Gloss & Protect" -

REVUELE Hair Mask "Color Gloss & Protect"

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Liquid silk is a silk peptide or hydrolyzed silk protein; it is obtained from the silkworm pod through silk fibers hydrolysis using alkali. It is a surfactant component, which can penetrate into the deeper layers of the scalp, nourishing and moisturizing it. Liquid silk can form a film on the surface of the hair, improving its appearance, providing radiance, bright intense shine and protecting against harmful environmental influences.

3D silicones“volume and shine expert”, nourish the hair from inside and outside, making it smooth, elastic and shiny, prevent brittleness. The hair receives protection from adverse environmental factors, aggressive care procedures, including from damage during heat styling. This component facilitates combing, does not weigh down the hair, the damaged areas are sealed and leveled, and there is a restoration of impaired hair structure.

Creatine is filler for injured areas of the hair. This ingredient helps to open the scales of the hair, providing deep penetration into it and filling all porous areas.