REVUELE Keraplex Hair Repair Mask -

REVUELE Keraplex Hair Repair Mask

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Revuele Keraplex Hair Repair Mask

A professional hair treatment that recovers hair after chemical, thermal and mechanical treatment such as dyeing, curling and straightening. Thе KERAPLEX Mask enhances smoothness, adding shine & softness.


The hair absorbs the mask, leaving the hair smooth and silky. The mask restores both external and internal hair structures without damaging them, adding strength and shine.

Contains a [3D] set of active ingredients:

Keratrix™ is a restorative natural active ingredient which helps protect and restore damaged and weakened hair. It increases hair strength and elasticity, improves dry and weak hair and repairs damage caused by mechanical, thermal and chemical treatments. The Keratrix™ slow release property enables prolonged action with long term benefits.
Amisol Trio™ – moisturises the hair and scalp whilst
creating a protective film to reduce damage caused from chemicals and heat.
Baobab Tein NPNF® – restores brittle, damaged hair. Also provides a protective layer over the hair fibres which strengthens hair and helps repair damage. Benefits are visible after the first three uses. For best results, use alongside all KERAPLEX products.

Application: Apply the mask over the full length of your hair and massage in to scalp. Leave in for 5-7 minutes then rinse with water. Apply 1-2 times a week.

Volume: 300 ml