REVUELE Keraplex Hair Total Repair Shampoo -

REVUELE Keraplex Hair Total Repair Shampoo

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Revuele Keraplex Hair Total Repair Shampoo

This salon professional shampoo restores healthy hair after chemical, thermal and mechanical treatment such as dyeing, curling and straightening. KERAPLEX Shampoo leaves your hair feeling healthy and restored with shine and softness.

Recovery Shampoo delicately cleans weakened hair without damaging it. It restores the disulfide bridges whilst forming a protective film on the surface of the hair. This protective layer softens the hair and restores strength and flexibility. The shampoo enhances hair strength and thickness.
Suitable for all hair types.

Contains a [3D] set of active ingredients:

Keratrix™ is a restorative natural active complex for damaged and weakened hair. It increases hair strength and elasticity, improves dry and weak hair and repairs the damage caused by mechanical, thermal and chemical processes. The Keratrix™ sustained release system allows it to remain on the hair fiber for a prolonged action.
Amisol Trio ™ – moisturises the skin of the head and hair, creates protective film from the aggressive effects of chemicals.
Baobab Tein – Restores porous hair, making it alive and obedient, and has powerful thermo-protective properties. The visible effect of the spray is noticeable after the initial three uses. For the best results use all the products in the KERAPLEX series together to achieve maximum impact and increase the strength of the hair.

Application: Massage the shampoo into wet
hair. Rinse with water. Use weekly for 1 month.