REVUELE Pharma Hair Shampoo Hair Volume -

REVUELE Pharma Hair Shampoo Hair Volume

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STOP hair fall

Improvement of vascular tonicity

Therapy for intensive hair growth

This shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing with the main goal to activate the growth of new hair. The mild surfactant sulfate- free base does not irritate your scalp even with daily use and preserves the protective coating of each individual hair. This product acts directly on your hair bulbs, improves the nourishment of your hair and helps to prevent excessive hair loss. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

The active ingredients – Vital Hair & Scalp Complex and Quinine – in this product are designed to solve the problem of thinning hair, they improve the health of your follicles and reduce hair fall. This complex increases the amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis of your scalp, enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of the product into the follicles, restores the natural gloss and strength of your hair, acts as an antioxidant and calms the scalp. It protects your hair bulbs from the aggressive influence of the environment and helps to extend the life cycle of your hair. The quinine allows triggering active and rapid growth of new hair.

This shampoo contains amino acids of plant origin (maize and wheat proteins) that are similar to the amino acids in human hair. They make your hair stronger and more flexible, activate its wetting with moisture retention within the hair body, strengthen and restore your hair structure and add a vivid shine and a healthy well-groomed appearance to your hair.

The Baikal skullcap extract in this product normalizes sebum regulation, increases the blood supply to scalp cells and their tissue respiration and nourishing, improves blood circulation and stops excessive hair fall.

The visible effect of this shampoo is already noticeable after the first 7 continuous applications. When used systematically with a conditioner for hair density of the PharmaHair series (every 1-2 days for 2 months) this product prevents hair fall, strengthens your hair bulbs and stimulates new hair growth.