REVUELE SLIM&DETOX Thermo Serum-Concentrate Fights Expressed Cellulite

REVUELE SLIM&DETOX Thermo Serum-Concentrate Fights Expressed Cellulite

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Serum-concentrate with Thermo effect, enriched with a blend of Caffeine, Centella Asiatica, Panthenol, and Algae Extract, which help remove cellulite from problem areas and make the body looks slimmer.

The serum actively affects the fat cells, promotes weight loss, reduces the effect of “orange peel”, aligning the skin texture. It improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, restores its elasticity. Due to the content of substances aimed at both the burning of fat, and to improve the elasticity of the skin, this serum can be used in almost any program on modelling the figure, especially in cases of intensive weight loss, as well as fight against advanced forms of cellulite. Regular use of the product allows fixing the result of volumes correction and signs of cellulite, preventing the re-occurrence of imperfections.

Result: Visibly slimmer and firmer body figure, with less cellulite.

Apply on clean and dry skin with gentle massage movements.