Revuele - Vegan Organic Hair Repairing Oil 30 ml

Revuele - Vegan Organic Hair Repairing Oil 30 ml

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  • Moringa oil contains vitamin C E B and Oleic Acid that provide softness in addition to helping the hair to be healthy and favor its growth
  • Grapeseed oil stimulates hair growth while adding softness and shine
  • Rub hands together and smooth over flyaways dry ends and throughout the strands focusing on mid-lengths to ends
  • Treatment can be applied to damp hair before air or blow drying
This hair repair oil is enriched with natural Macadamia, moringa and grapeseed oil to deeply nourish and strengthen the hair to the ends. Suitable for dry, damaged and fragile hair. Macadamia oil helps relieve hair from curls and tangles. This light and non-greasy oil adds shine and vitality to the hair while covering the ends of the hair with a protective layer